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SanGennaroBed, is a new and welcoming Bed and Breakfast located in the heart of the historical center of Naples. With it’s magnificent location, is an ideal place to enjoy pleasantly the city on foot, between old shops and shopping streets; we offer tradition and comfort at the right price without compromises, in a warm and familiar atmosphere.

Next to the cathedral, on the 4th floor with elevator, the building Gioiosa Caracciolo, rich of history, was built in the early 1500’s in the central Via dei Tribunali, an ancient Neapolitan street; the property directly faces the Europe’s oldest baroque obelisk, which is dedicated to San Gennaro. Valuable aspects of the property are the height and visibility from the windows, which makes it very bright and gives a broad overview.
As you come out from it, you will be just few steps away from the best pizzerias and trattorias, from Piazza Bellini, from the most important artistic sites and all that the historical center of Naples has to offer.

The access to the facility is allowed 24 hours a day, at any time, making the guest totally independent.
The owners, young and friendly, will guarantee privacy and security, they will be happy to introduce you to the intellectual and cultural heart of Naples, as well as the characteristic hangouts of the most beautiful city in the world.

About US

traduzione about us

For having a grace from Saint Gennaro it must speak to it man to man.


The structure puts forward directly on the Dome and it is found in pedestrian area therefore, in spite of the central position, we guarantee to our hosts the necessary tranquillity of which enjoying after a phrenetic day.

The saint

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CONTACT: Via dei Tribunali 138 - NAPOLI - INFO@SANGENNAROBED.COM - TEL. +39 3289173847


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